About Us

About Us

Bilpam Telecommunications Co.Ltd is a locally owned company leading in satellite communication and information services provider. Our services are used by national and multinational corporations, academic institutions and financial institutions across South Sudan.

Bilpam Telecommunications Co.Ltd is registered with Ministry of Legal Affairs
and Constitution Development and Ministry of Trade, Supplies and Commerce since 2006.

Bilpam Telecommunications has been awarded “African Internet Pioneer Award 2010” by Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO) in conjunction with the Ministry of Telecommunications & Postal Services Government of South Sudan

Our Vision

To develop ICT & Establish Technology
Quality Standards in South Sudan.

Our Mission

Bilpam Telecommunications aims to be the premier Internet Service Provider and provide secure, professional, quality and
cost effective Telecommunications and ICT Solutions to individuals, NGOs, corporate organizations, RSS and residents of The Republic of South Sudan and the world. We also endeavor to follow high ethical standards while continuously creating value
for all our stakeholders.


BILPAMCOM has five core organizational values :


We are open and honest. We honor our commitments to our customers and all our other stakeholders. Our actions are consistent with what we say.


We treat our team members and our stakeholders with courtesy and dignity.


We maintain an environment in which our team members feel free to share ideas and information. We promote open interaction throughout the organization to ensure knowledge and understanding among all the team members and our stakeholders.


We create a climate in which all team
members work together and support the
individual talents and contributions of team
members. We celebrate successes and
see mistakes as opportunities for growth.


We are responsible to our stakeholders
and each other for our personal and
organizational decisions, action and performance results. We are committed stewards of organizational assets and resources.

Beyond simply providing Internet communication systems, our mission is to engineer creative ways to improve productivity and quality of life for you and your customers. Our communication systems extend your network for business and web-centric applications. And we integrate proven third party applications to build the network you need.
We like our client
And not just because they trust us with their brand but as individuals. We like talking to them, we like finding out what makes their business tick and we like hearing their views and sharing our own. We also like using both sides of our brain – after all developing and maintaining leading brands is challenging work. Yes it demands hard commercial thinking and an understanding of competitive pressures. But it also cries out for imagination, wit and sparkle. When combined these qualities deliver real returns.
If that sounds like hard work, it is. But it’s also fun. We enjoy working with our clients and it shows. Together we can produce inspired communications